Seattle From the Water



No Clouds, New Tripod, Wet Shoes and Cannon Beach

More photos to come, but I got a little trigger-happy and now I’m paying for it during editing.  Oregon provided me with a rare cloudless day for some sunrise shooting.  I also managed to catch the moon before it left to make room for the sun.  The moon was a brilliant pink color and I regret not bringing any lenses longer than 135mm.  After my recent change from Sony to Pentax gear, my lens collection has been a little “limited” 😉

I took this shot with a SMC Pentax-M 135mm f/3.5 lens.  This lens is manual focus and it was manufactured anywhere from 25-35 years ago.  Thanks to the K-mount’s unrivaled backwards compatibility it works on my K-7 without an adapter (thanks to sensor-based stabilization, it’s also stabilized).  This opens up all kinds of inexpensive lens options if you’re willing to focus manually.  I can’t claim that manual focusing on a DSLR is easy, but I’m practicing and getting better at it.