No Clouds, New Tripod, Wet Shoes and Cannon Beach

More photos to come, but I got a little trigger-happy and now I’m paying for it during editing.  Oregon provided me with a rare cloudless day for some sunrise shooting.  I also managed to catch the moon before it left to make room for the sun.  The moon was a brilliant pink color and I regret not bringing any lenses longer than 135mm.  After my recent change from Sony to Pentax gear, my lens collection has been a little “limited” 😉

I took this shot with a SMC Pentax-M 135mm f/3.5 lens.  This lens is manual focus and it was manufactured anywhere from 25-35 years ago.  Thanks to the K-mount’s unrivaled backwards compatibility it works on my K-7 without an adapter (thanks to sensor-based stabilization, it’s also stabilized).  This opens up all kinds of inexpensive lens options if you’re willing to focus manually.  I can’t claim that manual focusing on a DSLR is easy, but I’m practicing and getting better at it.


10 thoughts on “No Clouds, New Tripod, Wet Shoes and Cannon Beach

  1. Great shots. The place has been added to my list of possible photo roadtrip locations for this year. Been exploring around Washington and Oregon is next. 🙂

    1. You won’t be disappointed. In addition to walking on the beach, be sure to visit Ecola Point where you can get a beautiful view of the the whole beach from a bit farther away.

  2. After reading the title of your post I find myself asking: “Why didn’t you take your shoes off?”
    However I really love the photos, especially the first one. I have a couple of manual focus lenses that I just haven’t had the courage to try. I realize I have become so dependant on autofocus, I just can’t figure out how to focus with out a split prism.

    1. The shoes were important because it was about 38 deg F before the sun came out and warmed it up to 45. Manual focusing without a split prism is not as fun or fast, but it’s doable if you trust the AF indicators or use live-view. The problem is the AF indicators aren’t picky enough (at least on my camera) and using live view is a pain (again, on my camera). There’s always the option of replacing the focusing screen, but I’m not sure I’m there yet. I like AF and I like seeing the indicators light up when I’m in AF mode (which is 90% of the time).

        1. It was a rare sunny day and one I was lucky to get in February when I was only there for two days. Still cold, though, and it snowed the following week. What a picture that would have been!

  3. Incredible shade of blue in the first one. Did you tweak it at all?

    What about the new tripod? Old school heavyweight or sleek modern carbon fibre?

    1. Saturation-wise, I don’t think I added anything, but the auto-white-balance on the camera made all of the pre-sunrise pictures come out very blue. When I corrected the WB, the photo looked too dull.

      The new tripod isn’t anything very expensive, but it’s way more solid and less broken than my previous tripod. It’s aluminum-alloy, so it’s fairly heavyweight compared to my previous tripod that only held 2 lbs. I kind of hate tripods, but there’s no denying their usefulness in places where the sun don’t shine… Poor phrasing, sorry.

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