As an amateur in every sense of the word, I don’t really need a portfolio, but I think I can learn a lot by trying to choose the best of the best of my photos. I don’t think much is gained by uber-granular organization, so I’ve created only 3 categories: humans, nature and objects. For now, I’ll limit each category to 30 images, but I think even that is way too many. Once I go through my entire backlog, I’d like to limit each category to only 10 photos. Honestly, it’s a challenge for me to narrow things down that much. Not because I think every one of my photos is amazing, but because I have such an emotional attachment to the moment itself and the effort put into taking the photo. The internet makes it easy to share billions of photos, but that makes it even more important to edit edit edit.

I’d also like to note that my selections for the keepers are based entirely on my personal taste. It’s tempting to select my most viewed, faved, liked, starred, hearted, tweeted, or +1’d photos, but I want the portfolio to reflect myself just as much as each individual photo does. I don’t think it’s there yet, but I’m going to keep working on it. If you want to check it out, just click the portfolio link at the top of the page. Ok, fine, you can also just click here. Or possibly even here. But not here.


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