Bite of Seattle

Bite of Seattle is one of my favorite annual festivals in the northwest because it’s all about food. Other festivals have food, but it’s not their main attraction. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate this year, but that had the advantage of keeping the crowds a little thinner. “Thinner” of course referring to the number of people and not their size.  This is a food festival after all. For a change, I decided to post-process all the photos in this set to give them all the same “look.” Nothing extreme, I just tried to give all the photos roughly the same tonality and contrast.

Note the umbrellas in the photo above. I think I’ve forgotten what sunlight looks like.

I’m a sucker for a funny sign. Also for burgers.

I like this photo because of the mix of posing and candidness.

Yes, he was balancing a corn dog on his nose. He was very good at it.

Mmmm pastrami.

Is there anything better than grilled meat?

I don’t know why there weren’t more people playing in the fountain.  We were already getting rained on.


Lots of good food this year with smaller lines due to the rain.  Also, I’d like to note that having a weather-resistant camera makes all the difference in this soggy state.


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