Cell Phone Street Photo

I’ve made quite a few disparaging remarks towards cell phone cameras here, but maybe it’s time to update my views a bit.  Camera-less except for my cell phone, I saw this scene and had to capture it.  I used the Camera 360 app for Android with the “Black and White Visual Storm” effect.  The art filters included on many cameras lately have been another target of my ire, but again I have found an example of their use.  Cell phone pictures look bad with their default processing, but applying effects is kind of like choosing a certain film (kind of like choosing film, but don’t read too much into that).  Seeing the result of the effect being applied is fun and unpredictable.  Would I ever use a cell phone camera over any small-sensor point and shoot?  No.  The interface and the lag are terrible and the photo quality lags behind $100 point and shoots from 5+ years ago.  Still, the fact that I’m posting a photo that I took with a cell phone and applied an effect to proves that I might possibly be growing as a human being.  Doesn’t it?


One thought on “Cell Phone Street Photo

  1. Looks good. I only use my cell phone camera to take pictures of my dog when we’re out walking and she’s looking cute. Normally they don’t even make it off the phone onto the computer.

    I think you’re right about the limitations on cell phone cameras. While they may be streets ahead of what they were a few years ago they are still very poor even compared to the cheapest P&S. It is interesting though to see increasing numbers of people who go on a tour or a visit and only have a cell phone for pictures.

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