Stock Photos and Pee-Filled Golf Clubs

The low low low prices on micro-stock photographs get a lot of blame for putting working photographers out of business.  Whether or not you buy that argument, it’s still a shame that even those low prices aren’t low enough for some companies to actually pay for the photography they steal from the web.  Most stock photo sites and a lot of other photographers put watermarks on the low-res preview images that they make publicly available.  The idea being that clients would rather pay for the full-resolution image without a watermark.  Putting a photo on your company’s website with a watermark over it makes you look incompetent at best.

It’s possible that I just wrote this as an excuse to link you to a hilarious product invented for golfers with small bladders: the Uro Club.

If only there was something like this for photographers who have to pee.  Oh wait, there already is!


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