Emerald City Comicon 2011

I went to Emerald City Comicon last weekend with my wife and her sister. I don’t have much comic book knowledge, but I do enjoy me some sci-fi.  As a photographic outing, the Comicon was outstanding, but there was almost too much good stuff to take pictures of.  There were tons of costumes, and the people in costume were very friendly and had no problem with being photographed.  A lot of the costumes were incredibly detailed and the characters being played were pretty convincing.  That’s why I tried to catch the moments when they broke character.

Before even entering the convention center, we saw this guy dressed up in a fantastic costume that would even give Peter Jackson a run for his money (or maybe it was Peter Jackson under the mask?). The punchee in the photo above seems to be really really enjoying this moment.

The convention center was packed with people and it was pretty hard to find your way around.  Even Batman had trouble getting where he needed to go, so he had to enlist the help of Superman to give him directions.  This was my favorite shot of the day.

There was a steady stream of costumed folks coming in throughout the day.  It was fun watching superheroes performing mundane activities like waiting in line and riding escalators.

I caught up with Rorschach and he posed for me.  In Watchmen, the pattern on Rorschach’s mask continuously changes and the mask used here did that as well.  He used a special kind of paint that changed from white to black when he breathed on it.  A pretty cool effect when you can’t rely on CGI.

The mustache this guy is wearing is detachable and attached to a chain that goes to his jacket pocket.  Hilarious.

The sign above his head reads “Because I’m a pretty freaking PRINCESS!”  My eyes still haven’t recovered from this.

The waiting process for getting into the celebrity panels was very disorganized, but at least there was plenty of time for me to manually focus my Pentax SMC-M 135mm lens.  Aside from the slowish f/3.5 max aperture, the little 135 has grown on me due to its build quality, sharpness, bokeh, and small size.

Rebel pilots are always willing to lend a helping hand, even if your costume is from the new trilogy.

The convention halls were packed full for every speaker.  This was the crowd during William Shatner’s talk.

And here’s Shatner himself.  He did a Q&A and told a bunch of stories.  He’s very comfortable in front of the crowd and a truly funny man.  I like that he acknowledges the importance of Star Trek to his fame without bashing it, but at the same time he is still working on new projects that he seems genuinely excited about.

Overall, the Emerald City Comicon was a fun time and I’ll probably return next year.


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