Man Balances on Giant Egg

Remember the Photoblog Alliance site that I mentioned a few months ago?  Well, the site’s been expanding nicely and has quite a few contributors now.  There’s a new photo posted every day and each photo comes with a short description and some technical info.

If you’ve never submitted your work to a site like Photoblog Alliance, I’d recommend it for a couple reasons.  First, it’s great publicity because Brian Haferkamp, who runs the site, has done as much as he can to point viewers to the photographer’s website and/or facetweets.  Second, it’s a great way to practice editing your work.  The nature of the Photoblog Alliance submission process means that you probably won’t be submitting 100 images per day.  That means that you’ll have to pick your best one photograph from your archives to submit.  The more you edit, the more you learn about your work.  Think of it like this, from least selective to most selective: import from memory card > facebook > flickr > photoblog > Photoblog Alliance > print and frame.  Of course, if you’re like most facebook users it goes memory card = facebook and that’s the end of it.

The latest photo on the Photoblog Alliance is called “Man Balances on Giant Egg” and you’ll have to click here to see it.  Be sure to read the story behind the photo also.


One thought on “Man Balances on Giant Egg

  1. @bryan:

    Thanks for the kind words. The site has been growing really well. The photograph you wrote about went semi-viral over the past few days and has drawn in thousands of visitors. It’s a pretty great image and our little photo blog is picking up steam. Thanks for your continued participation and promotion. Keep up the great shooting!

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