5 Photos I Like III

It’s time for another installment of “5 Photos I Like”.  Let’s get started.

Bivouac à Saint-Auban - color version
Bivouac à Saint-Auban - color version, by Remy SAGLIER

Everyone has their own idea of where the line should be drawn in terms of post-processing, but it generally comes down to the final result (except in the field of photojournalism, but that’s a whole different story).  All of the components of this photo come together nicely for me.  I love the contrast of the well-lit storm cloud and the almost silhouette of the foreground tree.  The gradient filter applied to darken the top of the photo goes a little far in my opinion, but it helps balance out the darkness at the bottom of the shot and adds drama to the storm.

X, by Daniel Kulinski

I have a soft spot for car photos, but having been to several car shows I know how hard it can be to take good photos while being surrounded by so much sexy sheet-metal.  Photography is often about what we leave out and this shot of a Mustang is a perfect example of this.  The Mustang is an icon, so a full-body shot of it wouldn’t be that interesting.  Instead, this photo shows a few interesting details and just enough background to figure out the rest of the story.

Autumn Spectrum 10/10/10
Autumn Spectrum 10/10/10, by Mr. Dale

My photography tends more towards candid and found shots, but I can appreciate constructions such as this one.  It’s a very clever use of collected maple leaves and it demonstrates what we photographers love so much about the fall.  This isn’t a criticism of the photo, but it feels like the arrow should be pointing to the right.  I’m certain that the arrow is pointing that way for a reason, and any thoughts about it are welcome.

A Solitary Path
A Solitary Path, by Andrew Ferguson

Another Canadian photo, strange…  It looks like some post-processing was done to reduce the saturation, but either way the limited color pallet of the photo is gorgeous.  I also like the receding streetlamps and the unusual perspective.

Impending Doom (Explored)
Impending Doom, pasukaru76

Not only do I have a soft spot for cars, I also have a soft spot for Star Wars and Legos.  Nice positioning of the Lego men here, since they have pretty limited movement.


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