Skeleton Alley

On my daily walks from work to the bus stop, I would frequently get a glimpse of the alley between 3rd and 2nd avenues and it looked like a treasure chest of fun photographic opportunities.  For months I was too scared to walk back there and I especially didn’t want to bring my big DSLR.  Then one day I sucked it up and brought my Canon S95 along on a journey to what turned out to be a very interesting place.  There were no people around, but I could see that there was a metal shop of some kind where I could hear people working.  A sweet metal skeleton was perched over the door to the metal shop and the light reflecting from the windows across from it was aimed just right.  Skeletons seemed to be a theme because there was a mural painted over one of the doors depicting skeletons on bicycles.  I hung out and took pictures for a few minutes, but I left when I got the stink-eye from someone poking their head out a door.  I’ve included my favorites from the day in the gallery below.

The barrel distortion on the S90 at the wide-end is pretty bad if you don’t use Canon’s raw converter.  I don’t use it because it’s a terrible piece of software just like all camera manufacturer’s raw converters, so I have to correct the distortion myself on the pictures where it shows up.  Since these were mostly architectural shots, the distortion was distracting so I felt the need to correct it.  Thankfully, Lightroom 3 includes distortion correction tools, so fixing the images was a snap compared to what I had to go through using Lightroom 2 and GIMP.


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