Friday Street Shot(s)

I recently took a trip to the beautiful city of Victoria, BC.  That’s in Canada.  Victoria’s primary industry is tourism, so the streets were always bustling with activity.  I hope you enjoy this set of photos.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Street Shot(s)

  1. Bryan, you have to come visit me in New York. Your mind will explode from all the people and things to take pictures of. Come!

  2. Awesome site man. I need to study your photos and techniques. I can learn a lot from you. I have to figure out how to find beauty in Dallas. It’s tough. You going to be in Seattle during Thanksgiving weekend? I’ll be up there.

    1. Thanks, Garret. I’m going to be visiting the in-laws in Vancouver WA that weekend, but if you’re still in town Sunday afternoon, we could meet up somewhere.

      Also, it kind of sounds like you’re messing with Texas. I’ve heard you aren’t supposed to do that…

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