High School Baseball

My brother helps coach a high school baseball team from New Mexico and he recently came up with them to a tournament in Corvallis, OR.  I drove down to watch the game and take a few pictures.  There weren’t high hopes for the team since a couple of the better players had been benched for the rest of the tournament due to rules violations.  It was made clear to the students that they were not allowed to bring girls to their rooms under any circumstances.  My brother and the other coach set up a sting operation involving the lady working at the front desk as an undercover operative.  She called them when she saw the boys bringing what appeared to be girls back to their rooms.  Busted!

Despite the lack of those two players, our team still won against the oddly named local team, Richey’s Market.  It was a good game with some pretty great coaching.  The game was near sunset so it also had very nice light.  Unlike shooting photos at an MLB game, you have total access at a high school game.  This allows for a more intimate shooting style than you’d be able to achieve without a press pass at an MLB game where you’d be forced to take pictures from above and far away from the players.  I didn’t get a lot of action shots, but I tried to capture the atmosphere of the game and some of the personalities involved.

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2 thoughts on “High School Baseball

  1. The photograph of the two guys in the dugout is a nice image as well as the one where you brother is talking to the guys with the setting sun behind. Sports photography is a difficult skill to pick up. It really takes a lot of anticipation of things that you don’t know will happen. I respect the pros who do it week in and week out.

    1. The picture with the talk and the setting sun is my favorite from the whole set. It was fun to have the freedom to walk around and get pictures from different viewpoints compared to being confined to a single seat at a pro game. I’d imagine it’s pretty challenging for pro sports photographers to regularly submit pictures that are better than their competition when they all have their cameras pointed at the same thing. It shows just how important the fourth dimension (time) is when taking a photo.

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