Friday Street Shot

Different Worlds
Different Worlds, by Bryan Davidson

I once again broke some street photography “rules”, but I ended up with this shot that I rather like.  Yes it’s in color (Fujifilm Reala), and yes I shot it with an SLR, but I used a 35mm focal length with manual focus.  That should count for something.  I took this shot at Seattle Center with my Olympus OM-10.  Good camera, good film, who needs digital?


5 thoughts on “Friday Street Shot

  1. Lovely, funny, candid moment. I think we only notice that the rules have been broken when the image is weak. A good image, and we don’t notice or care about the rules.

    I went to an exhibition in Munich last year called Magnum’s First. It was striking how many of the images broke the rules – yet it was irrelevant because the images themselves were incredibly powerful.

    I’ve also taken up blogging on photography – sort of – partly inspired by your fine work here. I’m at Feel free to stop over and take a look.

    1. Olli,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m not a rule guy at all, but I’ve been reading a bit about street photography lately and there seem to be a lot of rules that the purists like to trot out. I agree completely that it’s the final image that matters. I’ve seen a lot of great images lately that counter the idea that “color has no place in street photography.” Statements like that don’t seem to do anything to move the art forward.

      I’m glad you’ve decided to start a blog and I’d be happy to read it.

      1. a lot of great images lately that counter the idea that “color has no place in street photography.”
        In my opinion, it is more likely that B&W pictures are much eaiser to become great street photographies, instead of they’re naturally superior to color ones. As there’re always so many unrelated elements on the street, colorful and distracting. We can’t move them out of the frame, while eliminate their color may help focusing on the subject we’re really shooting.

        So, this is really a nice picture:-)

        Acturally, I sometimes use my SLR with manual lens do street photography too. But in many pics the person is out of focus, or disturbed and changed his phiz when was busy focusing… the manual lens, hah:P

      2. Sophia,

        Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you like the picture. I’ve tried street photography with a manual-focus film SLR, a film rangefinder, a digital SLR, and with both digital and film point and shoots (Canon S90). Don’t tell anybody, but I usually get the best shots and have the most fun with the digital point and shoot. It helps that the S90 has a nice control layout, but the small size and near-silent operation are great for street photography.

        As for color vs. black and white, I say let the photo decide. Sometimes colors are distracting and sometimes they are a part of what the photo is about.

  2. agree with you there on the point and shoot issue. as I’ve recently only upgraded to an slr…
    I mostly shoot in color as i see everything around me..

    I am not a stickler for rules and as the image suggests “be naughty”, i’m sure that makes the viewer smile.. that counts as a good image…

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