Creativity and the Space Needle

Seattle Under Clouds
Seattle Under Clouds, by Me

I work a couple blocks from the Space Needle and everyone who visits Seattle (including myself, before I moved here) wants to see it so as you can imagine I have a lot of photos of the Space Needle.  In fact, everyone has a lot of photos of the Space Needle.  The challenge is taking a photo that hasn’t been done before.  The Space Needle is actually a good subject for exercising creativity because it’s visible from just about everywhere.  You can even see the it from the pointy building on the far right side of the picture above (Smith Tower).  This means that there are an infinite combination of foregrounds, backgrounds, and angles to include in your Space Needle picture.  If you search Flickr for pictures of the Space Needle, you can identify a few clichés fairly quickly.  However, the vast majority of the pictures are just a straightforward “point the camera at the Space Needle and shoot” kind of picture.  I created a Flickr gallery here that includes 18 pictures of the Space Needle that are unique in some way.  I had to go through over 25 pages of search results to find them.  I was looking for pictures that were creative, but also well executed technically.  I hope you enjoy looking through them.  I would also like to share some of my own pictures of the Space Needle that I feel meet those requirements.

Space Needle Tickets
Space Needle Tickets, by Me
Space Needle Reflected
Space Needle Reflected, by Me
Not so Tall
Not So Tall, by Me
Space Needle
Space Needle, by Me

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