Death of a Camera

Broken Digital Photocamera, by Max Mayorov

I own several cameras, but I take the majority of my photographs with my trusty Sony A200.  Not to be confused with the latest A230 and A3xx cameras from Sony, the A200 is a serious camera for people with fingers.  That’s a different story, though.  This website has shared a brutal dissection of a broken A200.  I have to admit that seeing this made me cringe, since that’s my main camera.  Still, the pictures are fascinating.  I’d like to see some more detailed analysis, but this provides a great peek at what’s going on underneath the skin of your DSLR.  There is so much computing power in today’s cameras that it won’t be long before they develop intelligence and possibly even emotions.  Think about that next time you catch yourself complaining about the performance at ISO12800 or a missed autofocus.  You don’t want to make your camera cry, do you?


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