Creature from the deep

The Fishermen
The Fishermen, by Me

It seems that when you go fishing, the longer you go without catching a fish, the more likely you are to catch something weird.  During my brother Jason’s visit to Seattle last September, we took a fishing trip to Point Defiance in Tacoma, WA.  We didn’t catch any fish for two days, but we both caught some strange non-fish.

I Caught a Fishing Pole
I Caught a Fishing Pole, by Ashley

I got really excited when I felt a tug on my line and I started reeling it in furiously.  Whatever  I caught was putting up a heck of a fight.  Then, as it started to show itself above the water, I saw that I had caught a fishing pole.  A working fishing pole.  There was not a fisherman (or a fish) attached to it, though, so he must still be down there somewhere.  Still, some catch.

Catch of the Day
Catch of the Day, by Me

On day 2, Jason took it up a notch and caught an ancient orange sea creature filled with slime and hatred and slime. It held on hard to whatever it was attached to, which gave Jason hope that he caught a big one. In fact he did catch a big one. A big orange booger. Neither of us touched it with our bare hands and we returned it to its watery home. I’m sure it’s blogging about its experience being ripped from its home so that none of its orange, slimy relatives will suffer the same fate. How about a giant, slimy closeup of our slimy new friend? You’re welcome.

The BLOB, by Me

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